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Through our determination to transform the image of Thai massage businesses so that they are appreciated and accepted on an international level, Asian Soul Spa & Friskvård offers a combination of valuable Thai massage techniques and top-notch service. Our goal is to create an exceptional and unforgettable spa experience that unites Thai tradition and modern sensibility for visitors from all over the world.

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3 Fantastic spa treatments and packages for the perfect balance of body and soul

  • Therapeutic pain-relieving massage for specific syndromes (Specific 6 + 5 whole body)
  • Spiritual classic massage
  • Spiritual spa therapy

Finding the perfect balance between body and soul can be a challenge in our stressful lives. Fantastic spa treatments and packages may be the solution to achieving inner harmony and well-being. These treatments are specially designed to offer a combination of relaxation, rejuvenation, and enjoyment for their guests. This includes a range of different treatments such as massages, body scrubs, aromatherapy, and sauna sessions, providing a complete holistic experience for both body and mind.

Fantastic spa packages give individuals a chance to relax and recover from the stresses of everyday life, while also offering the opportunity to revitalize and enhance their health and beauty. By combining a range of different treatments and techniques, these spa packages are designed to provide a profound and rejuvenating experience that leaves guests with a sense of total balance and well-being. Whether you want to indulge yourself or a friend, these spa packages are an excellent investment in your well-being and a perfect path towards a balanced body and soul.

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Therapeutic pain-relieving massage for specific syndromes (Specific 6 + 5 whole body)

Treatment-focused symptom-specific massage is a therapeutic massage treatment that focuses on alleviating specific symptoms and discomforts affecting the client's health and well-being. This form of massage is specifically designed to address problem areas and muscular imbalances, such as muscle tension, stiffness, and pain caused by chronic or acute injuries. By using a range of advanced massage techniques and customizing the treatment to the client's individual needs, symptom-specific massage can help improve mobility, reduce pain, and increase circulation in the affected area.

This type of massage is ideal for individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions, repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries, or those experiencing muscular imbalances due to poor posture or overexertion. The treatment can also be beneficial for people with stress-related symptoms, as it often combines deep muscle massage with relaxation techniques to relieve both physical and mental tension. By opting for a treatment-focused symptom-specific massage, you can receive help in addressing the underlying causes of your discomfort and thus improve your overall health and quality of life.

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Spiritual classical massage

Spiritual classical massage is a unique combination of traditional massage and spiritual relaxation aimed at creating pleasure, balance, and harmony between body and soul. At Asian Soul Spa, this type of treatment is offered to promote personal well-being and reduce everyday stress. Spiritual classical massage involves several different techniques and methods, with the masseur taking into account the client's individual needs and goals for the treatment. The result is a massage therapy that is both relaxing and uplifting, where you can experience the power of having your body and soul interact in harmony.

The benefits of spiritual classical massage are numerous and depend on the individual experience of the combination of physical and spiritual relaxation. One of the most appreciated effects of this type of massage is that it promotes deep relaxation and reduces stress, which can help improve your sleep quality and energy levels. The massage is tailored to specific needs such as muscle knots, tension, and muscle soreness, meaning that spiritual classical massage can also help you improve your body control and mobility.

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Spiritual spa therapy

Spiritual spa therapy is a holistic treatment aimed at uniting body, mind, and soul to create inner harmony and balance. At Asian Soul Spa, this therapy may include a combination of traditional Thai massage, aromatic warm herbal compress, and aromatic basalt hot stone massage to provide a relaxing and balancing experience. Aromatic warm herbal compress involves the use of beneficial herbs enclosed in a fabric pouch that is heated and then massaged over the body in gliding motions, helping to relieve muscle tension and increase circulation.

Aromatic basalt hot stone massage is another exciting treatment that can be included in Spiritual Spa Therapy. Here, heated basalt stones are used in combination with aromatic oils to offer a deep and relaxing massage experience. The warm stones are placed on specific points of the body and are also used to glide over muscles in massage motions. This combination of heat treatment and aromatherapy helps to release tension, increase circulation, and create a sense of well-being. Together, these treatments form a unique and comprehensive approach to health and well-being, allowing the body and soul to find balance and harmony.

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